Vee App by Biom Digital Health
Community Guidelines

Biom Pharmaceuticals is committed make Vee is a space safe for members to engage in meaningful conversations around women’s health and wellness. By participating in the Vee Community, you agree to respect these guidelines. 

Biom Pharmaceuticals reviews all user-generated content (posts and comments) before they are posted on Vee. We can also remove content or members from the app, or deactivate your account at our discretion, because it’s our job to make sure that the Vee Community is a welcoming place for all. 

If you see any content that does not follow the guidelines, please report it by writing to us on

Respect all Vee Community members

Biom Pharmaceuticals intends the Vee Community to be a diverse, safe, supportive, accessible, and uplifting space and welcoming of all identities. We will not accept, tolerate or allow hate speech or discrimination toward any individual or group of individuals. We want every member—regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, citizenship, or religious beliefs, kinds of illnesses, conditions, and/or disabilities —to feel at home here. Please be mindful of this each and every time you engage on the Vee App. 

What is not allowed

Harassment: Harassment includes but is not limited to:

  • Negative comments based on race, gender, sex, sexual orientation, nationality, political affiliation, physical appearance, disability. Biom Pharmaceuticals reserves the right to decide what is or isn’t offensive. This also pertains to harassment of Vee Team and Experts
  • Threats of violence, physical or virtual, or talking about violence in excessive detail
  • Unwelcome sexual actions, insinuations, attentions, or remarks
  • Attempts at intimidation or aggressive behavior
  • Asking others for personally-identifying information

Disruption: Continued digressions, disruptions, encouraging others to participate in disruptive behavior and derailing of someone’s conversation when asked not to.

Rude or abusive behavior: We urge all Vee users to be respectful while engaging on the App, especially while disagreeing with others. If notice someone using rude or abusive behavior, we urge that you report them immediately at

Promotion or advertising: Please do not post ads or promotions for your own or any company, product, project, person, or organization, etc.

Spam: The Vee App team will actively monitor and remove any content considered as spam. Repeated attempts can lead to deactivation of account. Any external links is automatically hidden.

Fundraising: We are not in a position to verify requests for fundraising. Therefore, we discourage users to engage in fundraising for any individual, cause, or situation.

Dating arrangements: Vee App is not a dating platform; posts that are seeking dates or arrangements will be promptly removed.

Explicit or inappropriate posts: Mature and health-related discussions around sex are welcome, as long as they are appropriate for our community. Any graphic or explicit content will be promptly removed; the decision rests with the Vee App team.

Recruitment posts: Any multi-level marketing schemes, surveys (not including Vee Community Polls), or any kind of service requests (childcare, elderly care etc)

Self-promotion: The Vee community is meant to find and give support and share experiences. Any attempt to self-promote to gain followers or promote social media accounts will be promptly deleted and the account deactivated.

What to discuss and post 

The topics submitted should be about sharing experiences, tips, and support around menopause, midlife, and general health and wellness. Please refrain from off-topic suggestions, and questions relating to personal medical conditions.
Please remember that users of the Vee App are not qualified to give you medical advice, even if they happen to be qualified and experienced health professionals. No content on the Vee app and community should be considered medical advice. You should always consult your own health practitioner who is familiar with your specific symptoms, diagnosis, and situation. Please refrain from asking for or providing medical advice while using the Vee App.

Topic suggestions submissions

Any member can submit a topic for discussion by emailing with your name, location, and a few sentences about what you’d like to discuss with the community. However, submission of a topic does not guarantee selection for posting. Selection of topics is up to the Vee Team’s discretion. 

Updating Vee Guidelines

The Vee team reserves the right to modify, update, or amend these Community Guidelines at any time and for any reason. We will take reasonable effort to strive to notify the community of the changes but do not guarantee flawless communication in every instance. Please refer to this page for the updated Community Guideline.